Holiday Bible Club

Holiday Bible Club is BACK!

Kingdom Chronicles
2-6 August

Inviting all fair maidens and gallant knights for 5 days of fun and games.  Learn about God’s Kingdom and how to be a part of it.  Play games, make crafts and eat treats.

Children and young people aged 3-16.

Free to all – Register Here

Kid’s Clubs Are On!

Kid’s Clubs are up and running!

Discoverers Club for ages 4-10 meets every Wednesday between 3:15 and 4:30.  We play games or do crafts and have an afternoon snack.  We are currently learning about British people who were missionaries around the world.  We learn about their accomplishments and about the countries to lived in.

Explorers Club for ages 10-16 meets Sunday afternoon from 4:30 to 5:30.  This is a casual time where the young people can choose to play

games or do crafts and relax and visit with their friends. Occasionally,  there are special activities or speakers.

All children are welcome depending on space.  Each one must have a registration form filled in with parent contact information.  This registration form will be filled out by their parent on the first visit to club.

Join us this Sunday, 27 June at 10am for our annual friend day.  Everyone is our friend so everyone is welcome!  Bring a friend with you and stay after the service for a BBQ.

The service will be held outside under cover to ensure proper Covid guidelines are met.



Bethel Evangelical Church is a Covid Secure environment.  Church service are set up to allow for social distancing.  Hand sanitiser and masks are available.  The government guidelines are to wear a mask in any public indoor spaces. We ask that you abide by this if you are able to do so.  If you choose to not wear a mask, we will assume it is for a qualifying reason and will not pressure you to put one on.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

We know that not everyone is comfortable in public spaces so we continue to stream our services online for your health and safety.

Creche Guidelines in light of Covid-19

Bethel Evangelical Church – Creche Guidelines

  1. Cleaning and Sanitisation
    1. All equipment will be sanitised each week
    2. All workers will wash/sanitise hands at the beginning of service and every 20 minutes
    3. Parents will wash/sanitise children’s hands upon arrival
    4. Children will not bring any personal belongings into the creche play area
  2. Social Distancing
    1. Workers will maintain 2 metre distance from other workers and parents
    2. Workers will have minimal close contact with children and leave personal care to the parents
    3. The crèche area will be of sufficient size and ventilation to reduce the spread of viruses
  3. Illness
    1. Children or staff exhibiting any symptoms of illness will not be permitted to attend.
    2. If a child begins exhibiting symptoms during the service, the child will be isolated from the other children and the parents will be notified to collect their child immediately
  4. Parental Contact
    1. Parents will leave their contact information with the staff
    2. Staff will contact parents via text if the child requires personal care (nappy/clothes change), is injured, ill or is in excessive distress (ie crying for more than 10 minutes)
  5. Privacy and Information Storage
    1. Parental contact information and child safety information (ie allergies, special needs, etc) will be kept in line with our child protection policy and Track and Trace requirements
    2. All information can be deleted/destroyed at the parents request after 21 days from last visit in line with GDPR requirements
  6. Parent Observation
    1. Parents are encouraged to not stay with their children but are not prohibited from doing so.
    2. Parents can observe their children in the creche via a smartphone app during the service
    3. Only parents will have access to the creche camera and only when their child is present.







When You Arrive

  • If this is your first time, please register your child and leave your contact phone number.
  • Wash or sanitise your child’s hands.
  • Deliver your child to the Creche Reception.
  • Please take all your child’s belongings away with you.

If Your Child Needs You

  • You will be contacted via text should your child need you.
  • Come collect your child from the creche reception.
  • If your child needs consoling or feeding, please stay with your child in the reception area.
  • If your child requires a nappy change, a changing table is available next to the upstairs toilet.
  • You can view the creche anytime during the service using the NEOS Smarthome App. You will need to request an invitation to the app from Tammy.

When Church is Finished

  • Please collect your child from reception immediately following the service.
  • Please do not linger in the reception area or upstairs hall.

Building Works Update

The steel frame is in place.  The ground insulation and concrete floor are next on the agenda.  The walls and roof should follow shortly after.  Our contractor had hoped to have the outside completed by Easter, but with so many delays, we must be patient.  All if God’s time and for God’s glory.